Kinect Already Going Big in Resale Market reports:

Consumers are already willing to pay well over the retail price of Kinect just to get their hands on one right now.

Microsoft's current Kinect sales figures haven't been released yet, but the resale market is showing that there's a strong demand for the device. Analysts looking at the resale market for Kinect have found that people are already paying a premium if they can't find it in stores.

Kinect's $150 retail price was a bit higher than expected, but apparently this doesn't matter to many consumers. Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian says: "Our survey of completed transactions on eBay indicates that Microsoft Kinect, the motion sensing controller for the Xbox 360, is selling for an average price of roughly $190, or nearly a 30 percent premium over the retail price of $150."

Thanks Laurence for the tip!

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