Sonic Free Riders Preview - Is it as bad as you think?

Having spent a couple days with Free Riders I can say that it's probably not as bad as you think. The game has single player, co-op and competitive multi-player modes. You have the ability to tag-team with friends and play online. You also get the chance to race on a bike (which controls much better than the hover board). There are no KinectShare pictures or Video sharing which is a bummer. Initially (as you'll see in my videos) I was a little put off with the controls. But I can safely say after spending some time with the game you do get used to them and learn to control the hover board with more accuracy. The question though is whether the game itself is compelling enough for you to want to invest that time? If you're looking for a more physically active game and piloting a hover craft excites you then by all means you'll like the game. The controls are serviceable with time but if you're like me and the premise of racing on a hover board never excited you to begin with, the novelty of the motion controls won't win you over either. You won't be pulling this out to show off Kinect to friends. I can see kids liking the game and obviously if you're a Sonic fan there's a lot to love here. Pick this up if hover boarding excites you and/or you're a huge Sonic fan. Otherwise go for Joy Ride if you need that Arcade Racing fix as it actually works and you won't be struggling (as much) with the controls.

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