How You Become The Controller

The Xbox Engineering blog just posted a piece on Kinect:

"You are the controller." If you've been following the buzz surrounding Kinect, you've probably heard this phrase tossed around. From plugging leaks with your hands and feet in Kinect Adventures! to changing songs with the flick of a wrist in Zune, Kinect opens up a new way to naturally experience your entertainment.

But once you get over the magic of opening the disc tray with the wave of a hand like you're a Jedi, you might start to wonder how it all works under the hood. In this blog post, I'll focus on the secret sauce behind the human tracking system and how it allows game developers to produce Kinect-enabled experiences.

The piece goes into analog vs. digital input, the heart and brains of Kinect and the Human recognition software. Check out the full story here.

Thanks Marcus!

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