Microsoft To Unleash Official Kinect SDK For PC Devs Next Month, Plus First Avatar Kinect Demonstration

After months of impressive Kinect hacks, Microsoft have announced that it will be releasing an SDK for Kinect allowing developers to officially create third party applications to their hearts content.

The software development kit, due out in March, will initially allow users to create non-commercial apps and games, but Microsoft will be launching commercial support later in the year allowing developers to sell and profit from their software.

"We think we're going to see a huge explosion in interest," said Craig Mundie, Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer. "We welcome that and will support it."

The SDK will allow developers to work with the sensor at a "higher level" than the third party hack solutions that currently exist.

The information was made available today to members of the press who were taking a behind the scenes tour of Microsoft’s Redmond Campus. Microsoft also gave their first live demonstration of Avatar Kinect, which you can see below courtesy of TechFlash.

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