Fruit Ninja Coming to Kinect

Halfbrick's popular smartphone game, Fruit Ninja, is coming to the Xbox 360 with Kinect Support Siliconera has discovered.

Gameplay  is relatively simply -- the player tries to slice as many fruit as possible without missing any, and avoiding bombs. A similar game features in Kinect Sports -- the Fruit Splatter mini-game made available via the free Party Pack DLC.

Fruit Ninja, which has sold over 20 million units across Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7, was discovered on Korea's Game Ratings Board entitled Fruit Ninja Kinect and, like many touch based smartphone games, should be perfectly suited to Kinect. It also isn't the first, with Doodle Jump coming later in the year as well as the possibility of Angry Birds being Kinect enabled.

Are there any smartphone games you'd like to see ported to Kinect? Leave us a comment below!

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