Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is "Better With Kinect"

The box art for the upcoming Tom Clancy game, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, has been revealed on and features the purple "Better With Kinect" banner along the top, indicating compatibility with the device.
The game, a tactical third person shooter, will likely not be played entirely with Kinect but will be a hybrid, with the game played on a traditional controller with extra features enabled via Kinect, with Kinect support being entirely optional. What might those features be? Being a tactical shooter, the game could feature voice commands (something featured in previous Tom Clancy title EndWar) or gesture commands for team members.

We're left to speculate at this point, but the game will likely be shown at E3 next month. Hopefully, with a Kinect demonstration!

Update: Microsoft have taken the boxart down from It was probably put up by mistake ahead of a Kinect-supprt reveal at E3.

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