Microsoft to Reveal 10 Brand New, Non-Sequel Kinect Titles at E3 that "Serve The Hardcore"

According to sources at Eurogamer, Microsoft will announce 10 new non-sequel IPs at E3 next month. The games are said to "not be obvious" serve the hardcore gamer, so we can assume they're not fitness, dancing or sports games.

Speaking of which, Eurogamer also revealed that in addition to the new announcements, Microsoft will be revealing sequels to Kinect games such as Kinect Sports and Dance Central. Rare are also said to be working on a secret project alongside Kinect Sports 2 that isn't based on an old character. Both Kinect Sports 2 and Dance Central 2 are due to launch Christmas 2011.

This comes days after Microsoft announced that they're planning to triple the amount of Kinect games on the market this year, and with a healthy list of games already announced including Kinect Star Wars, The Gunstringer, Project Draco, Codename D and Steel Battalion 2, it looks like Kinect is going to have a very strong end to the year.

What new games would you like to see at E3? Leave a comment below!

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