Fable: The Journey Announced

Peter Molyneux today unveiled the new entry in the Fable franchise, Fable: The Journey. Exclusive to Kinect, the game follows one man's adventures to becoming a hero.

Using the Unreal 3 engine, it looks to use Kinect in a number of unique ways. Demonstrated at E3, the game showed the player riding a horse and cart into a battle in which the player cast spells using hand gestures. Movement looks to be on-rails, with the player interacting in a cinematic adventure quite unlike previous Fable games.

“In using the Unreal Engine with its excellent tools for crafting cinematic in-game experiences, it allows our developers to focus on the quality and uniqueness of ’Fable: The Journey,’” said Peter Molyneux, creative director of Lionhead Studios and Microsoft Game Studios Europe.

”Already we are seeing a more beautiful, vivid and unique world full of dramatic moments and have crafted new, never seen before gameplay experiences.”

Check out the trailer and gameplay demonstration below!

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