"First Person Experience" Blackwater Announced

505 Games have announced their new Kinect game, Blackwater. Although there are no screens, nor a trailer, the press release describes it as an "immersive First Person eXperience (FPX)". This looks to be the same game as the "Zero Person Shooter" we reported on not too long ago, and is being developed by Zombie Studios.

The game will attempt to "reinvent the modern combat shooter genre by giving players the ability to completely control the gameplay experience using a traditional controller or Kinect for Xbox 360’s controller-free abilities which introduces an unprecedented level of immersion to the FPS genre."

"Blackwater is an intense, cinematic shooter experience unlike anything you’ve ever played before. Lead a team of Blackwater Operators protecting a fictional North African town, battling dangerous warlords and fighting back two opposing militia forces. Using the motion-sensing Kinect controller players can do everything from moving their character to aiming and firing a weapon as you work your way through pressure-filled missions."

The game is also playable with a standard controller and will release later this year.

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