Mass Effect 3 to Feature Kinect Support? UPDATED!

Cover art for the upcoming Bioware action RPG Mass Effect 3 has been found on EA's digital store and, rather surprisingly, it contains the "Better With Kinect" banner found on games which don't require, but feature Kinect.

Given the source, the image is definitely legitimate but it could of course be a mistake. Bioware has talked in the past about implementing Kinect in Mass Effect 3. "We're not going to do a party game, we're not going to do Dance Dance Krogan for Mass Effect. The reality is it's going to have a really positive impact. Can we create a greater sense of immersion during conversations by using gestures? I think we probably could and I think that's where we'll explore." Bioware boss Greg Zeschuktold last year.

"There's that impediment of a controller but hardcore gamers are never going to give that up. It might be nice to see a hybrid of a controller used with additional gesture on the side for immersive elements."

Could this be one of Microsoft's E3 surprises? We'll let you know as soon as more news is available.

Update: BioWare's Director of Marketing has confirmed on Twitter that BioWare will be present at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference. If Mass Effect 3 does indeed feature Kinect, it'll undoubtedly be announced and likely demonstrated on stage tomorrow!

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