Rumor: Rare Planning Big E3 Demo Featuring Prominent Voice Control

Our friends over at 123Kinect have got word that Rare are planning to do a big E3 demo featuring much more prominent use of voice.

"[Rare's] working very hard on a big demo at E3 that will involve the voice aspect far more during gameplay." a source close to Rare told the website.

Rare are expected to unveil a sequel to their best selling Kinect launch title, Kinect Sports, at E3, but they're also rumored to be working on another secret game. Whether the voice demo is part of either game, or a more widespread announcement concerning all of Kinect is unclear.

Microsoft are also rumored to be unveiling Xbox Live Diamond featuring TV subscription services, and with limited voice support for the current Kinect Hub and its applications (Netflix, Hulu Plus), and a yet-to-be released update allowing voice support in more regions, voice control can and hopefully will be greatly expanded upon across the platform.

Whether true or not, Rare will almost certainly have a strong presence at E3. We'll keep you up to date with the latest as it happens next week directly from the E3 showfloor!

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