Rumor: Retailer lists Kinect Sports 2, Dance Central 2, Just Dance 3, Star Wars Kinect and Codename Kingdoms as 2011 titles

A user on the gaming forum NeoGAF has posted a list of upcoming game releases from a retailer featuring Kinect titles expected to be unveiled this E3. Sequels to popular launch titles Kinect Sports and Dance Central are listed and were largely expected, as well as a Kinect iteration of Just Dance, Ubisoft's most popular dancing franchise.

Codename Kingdoms, Crytek's upcoming 360 exclusive action RPG is also listed as a 2011 title, and is rumored to use Kinect. Kinect Star Wars, one of Microsoft's biggest Kinect titles for the fall is also listed. The dates themselves are tentative and likely represent the month of release rather than a specific day, so don't expect most Kinect games to launch on New Years Eve.

Check back with Inside Kinect for the latest E3 news. You can see the full Xbox 360 list below, which also features other exciting unrevealed games such as GTAV and Resident Evil 6 below.

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