Molyneux: 'I agree with scepticism, core Kinect breakthrough will take time'

Speaking to Xbox 360 World magazine, Lionhead's Peter Molyneux has sympathized with the scepticism towards core games for Kinect. Likening Kinect to the introduction of the mouse to gaming, Molyneux reiterated that it will take time for a breakthrough to come.

"I can remember everyone writing about how the mouse is the worst thing for gaming and it took a little while for the development community to start exploring and experiment with it. But out of that exploration and experimentation came Wolfenstein and Doom and real-time strategy games," he said.

"Before that we were all doing stuff with a joystick." he added.

Molyneux argued that developers have yet to create a game as exciting as the best controller games, and that such a game will take time.

"I think that any invention as big as Kinect just takes a while for us to get our teeth into," he said.

"I agree with the scepticism from core gamers because there is no example yet of anything which is as dramatic or as exciting as a game on a controller or even an experience that lasts more than 15 minutes. When you get past the idiosyncrasies which every control mechanism has, Kinect is a wonderful device to innovate on."

Molyneux also talked once again about navigation in Fable: The Journey, and how important voice implementation is, as well as allowing the player to play in any position, not forcing them to sit or stand.

"You can tell the most incredible and immersive story if you can get over the player's embarrassment of using their voice for control. Once people get into that mindset it's an incredible way of telling stories.

Another big lesson we learnt [from Milo] is, if you try to tell the player how to sit or how to stand, or if you preach to them about gestures then they will start feeling very uncomfortable and they won't be ready for a story. So there's a lot of technology in The Journey allowing you to slouch, cross your legs, sit on a sofa or play and jump and stand up."

Molyneux will be taking a new, playable demo of The Journey to Gamescom next month, so stay tuned for the very latest news about the game.

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