Grasshopper Manufacture Officially Reveal Diabolical Pitch -- Video Demonstration

Announced at last years Tokyo Game Show as Codename D, Grasshopper Manufacture were one of 5 Japanese teams revealed to be working on games for Kinect. Although nothing was shown aside from a vague live-action teaser featuring a crazed guy batting off enemies with a flaming baseball bat, many speculated that Codename D was Diabolical Pitch, a name Grasshopper had trademarked.

Today, on the first day of Tokyo Game Show 2011, Grasshopper has revealed that Codename D is in fact Diabolical Pitch, a bizarre Xbox Live Arcade game for Kinect that sees players fending off monsters with various over the top baseball-inspired attacks. Two players can work together, one throwing the ball for the other to hit. Gestures can trigger special attacks such as fist bumping to power up a fireball, or even lifting your partner off the ground for health support. And of course you can use the bat for melee attacks.

We still don't have anything to show aside from this camera shot of gameplay, but I'm sure there will be more media released as the Tokyo Game Show continues. And hopefully we'll get a glimpse at some of the other Japanese Kinect titles such as Haunt and Project Draco, as well as a new title or two. Keep checking back and we'll let you know the latest from the Tokyo Game Show.

Thanks to Gamespot we now have a pretty in-depth look at the game with an 11 minute video preview:

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