Harmonix Interested in Trying "Non-Music" Kinect Games

After the huge success of Dance Central which they look set to repeat later in the year with Dance Central 2, it's only natural that Harmonix are keeping Kinect in mind for future projects. Their last game that didn't involve a music mechanic was itself a motion game -- Antigrav for the Playstation 2's Eyetoy.

Talking to Joystiq, Harmonix CEO Alex Rigopulos has explained that whilst Harmonix will always stay loyal to its music roots, it shouldn't come as a surprise if they decide to venture further afield with Kinect, having itself rekindled their desire to further explore motion gaming.

"Certainly our focus always has been and probably always will be on music-themed games" Rigopulos says. "I think we're always open-minded about new opportunities. A perfect example is the Kinect, which I think that through our work on Dance Central we've developed an affinity for -- towards motion gaming."

"It wouldn't be surprising if in the future we took some steps outside of our wheelhouse in music to try some new things in non-music focused motion gaming."

Harmonix' latest sidestep is VidRhythm, which allows users of iOS devices to record video footage of themselves and friends making specific noises and tones. The app then arranges and edits the footage to create a song and accompanying video which can be shared online.

VidRhythm itself could see a Kinect release in future. "Our hope is to keep improving it and expanding it, including bringing it to other platforms, such as possibly Kinect" Rigopulos explained. We can't help but feel it would be a perfect match for Kinect Fun Labs.

Source: Joystiq

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