Ryse Now a Next-Gen Title?

The LinkedIn profile of an ex-Crytek level designer indicates that the Kinect first person melee game, Ryse, is now a next-gen title. The resume reads,

"RYSE (X-Box Next Gen) Pushing boundaries of next generation gaming, RYSE is an original AAA IP from Crytek slated to deliver an Epic first-person melee experience in the Roman Empire."
This is interesting for a number of reasons. If correct, it's unfortunate that Kinect will be losing one of its most anticipated titles next year. But is this an indication that the peripheral will be supported at the launch of the next Xbox console? The worst case scenario is that Kinect support has been dropped altogether. Microsoft may be prioritising the line-up of their next-gen console over Kinect, which already has strong support with other developers.

"Xbox Next Gen" could of course simply refer to the Xbox 360. The designer left Crytek in July, one month after the games reveal as a Kinect title at E3. The game has suffered from a difficult production, with the project moved to Crytek's main Frankfurt studio from the now tablet focused Crytek Budapest. It's possible that the game became a next-gen project after the subsequent delay.

Hopefully we'll have more clear news on the games status soon.

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