EA Show off Kinect Integration in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

EA are introducing Kinect to their 3 major sport franchises this year - FIFA, Madden and Tiger Woods. This week they're showing off how you can swing like Tiger using Kinect in what looks to be a deeper implementation than one might expect from motion control in an otherwise controller focused game.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 allows Kinect players to fully experience the game of golf with no half hearted mini-games in sight. Unlike Kinect Sports Season 2 players stand facing the TV so that Kinect can track your swing more accurately, looking at the whole body's stance, as well as the speed and power of the swing. You can also take a closer look at the hole using a similar hand-above-the-eyes gesture as the one found in Kinect Sports Season 2. From here the player can put a hand out and control the aim of the shot with much finer detail by dragging an aimer in any direction.

Players can also use voice to select any option on screen using EA's "see it, say it" feature. Change shot, select a club and ask the caddie by simply speaking.

EA have previously stated that last years sports titles lacked Kinect integration as they didn't want to do it until they felt they had it right. Thankfully that dedication and patience looks like it's paying off! Check out the footage below.

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