Haunt, Happy Action Theater and Rhythm Party Get Release Dates

Kinect is well suited to Live Arcade, where ambitious projects can thrive at an affordable price. The next few weeks will see three solid looking releases, starting with NanaOn-Sha's Haunt which will be available to download January 18th for 800 Microsoft Points. From the creators of Parappa The Rapper, players are made to freely explore a haunted mansion, outsmarting ghosts and working their way past a variety of puzzles and traps. Check out the trailer here.

Next up is Double Fine's Happy Action Theater, a collection of looping mini-games with a strong focus on augmented reality and fun rather than competitiveness. Legendary game designer Tim Schafer announced on Twitter that the game will be available to download February 1st. Check out the trailer here.

Finally February will also see the release of Konami's dancing game Rhythm Party, previously titled Boom Boom Dance. Rather than follow specific choreography as found in the likes of Dance Central and Just Dance, Rhythm Party lets you dance in any way you want as long as you hit the circles in time with the beat. With more in common with titles like Elite Beat Agents and Konami's Bemani games, and a crazy and varying art style, it's sure to offer a unique Kinect dance experience when it launches February 8th. Check out the trailer here.

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