New and Upcoming Kinect Games Shown at Xbox Spring Showcase, 2012 Xbox's "Biggest Year Yet"

Over a 48 hour period earlier this week Microsoft held a private event to show off some of their 2012 lineup of games for Xbox 360 and Kinect. Unfortunately the event is under embargo until this Monday when details will flood the internet, but what we do know is that several upcoming Kinect games were on display, as well as some new titles that may or may not feature the peripheral.

Vox Games have confirmed that Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor, Fable: The Journey, Kіnect Rush: A Disney·Pixar Adventure, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13, Kinect Star Wars, Diabolical Pitch and Minecraft were present at the event. A leaked trailer unveiled a new Forza title for 2012 from new developer Playground Games, Forza Horizon, which may carry some of Forza 4's Kinect functionality too or use it in new ways. And Halo 4 is being shown off for the first time. Likely with a controller, but there's no doubt Microsoft will make sure its biggest game of the year will feature Kinect in some way.

Speaking to Gamasutra Steve Beinner, Microsoft's director of global marketing first party games, says that "Without a doubt 2012 will be a bigger year than 2011".

"It's early in 2012 and we're just peeling the curtain back, but stay tuned," he says. Kinect is something that Microsoft is "committed to and very proud of," and that when it comes to traditional controller and Kinect hybrid titles "the opportunities for us are big in 2012."

Blog TechTalk has teased the event, stating that what they saw "gave us goosebumps"

"It is the development of Kinect that has impressed us on how immersive game play will be going forward"

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