Inside Kinect App

The official mobile companion to Inside Kinect, the iOS app gives you
all the latest Inside Kinect content and features on your iPod Touch,
iPhone and iPad

App features Include:

• The latest Kinect hardware and software news, as and when it occurs

• Access to all Inside Kinect web content, including exclusive videos and the lists of available and upcoming Kinect games

• The ability to share Inside Kinect content with friends via Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Email and other popular social platforms

• Saving or sending articles to yourself through services such as ReadItLater or by simply emailing yourself

• The chance to quickly and easily get in touch with Inside Kinect with your Tip or Press Release

• Coming soon! Share with Inside Kinect media such as PDF press releases, screenshots or videos, from within the app

The app is a constantly evolving work in progress in conjunction with Fantastic Development. If you have any suggestions or bug reports don't hesitate to contact us or the development team!

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