Kinect Fun Labs


To kick off the next wave of gadgets, Microsoft started an online election for people to vote for the next gadget to hit the labs, and they've chosen some of the best and most popular Kinect "hacks" that hit the web once Kinect was unofficially made available on the PC.
  • Virtual Conductor allows players to control a piece of music; raising the volume and intensity of the strings, and changing the pitch all with the swing of an arms and a twist of the body.
  • Kinect Body Art lets you loop a video feed, capturing you and your friends in 3D and superimposing the players into the next loop so that you can interact with multiple versions of yourself and others. Very trippy, I'm sure many users could get a lot of fun and experimentation out of this. Ever wanted to give yourself a high five? Then vote for this gadget!
  • Hand Puppets was one of the first pieces of software to show up online when Kinect was made available for the PC by a third party, and it captured the imagination of many bedroom developers regarding the possibilities of Kinect. Ever done a shadow hand puppet on a wall? Well this brings that puppet to life, superimposing a real bird that corresponds and reacts to your hand movements.
  • Digital Pin Art turns Kinect's depth image into, well, digital pin art. Turn yourself into a luminescent cloud of points and experiment with a holographic representation of yourself.
  • Keyboard Anywhere lets you overlay a virtual piano on any surface, from your bedroom floor to your desk. Ever wanted to try that Big piano sequence? Now you can live your dreams. Very popular when revealed online quite a while back, this is an app we've long wanted to try on Kinect and it seems to resonate with others as well as it is leading the charge in first place
  • Music Visualizer turns you and your room into a music feedback device. Watch as the neon lines bounce and wobble to the beat. Sure to be a hit at any party, this gadget was sitting at second place at last count.
You can watch videos for all of the gadgets here.

Voting is now over and although the winner hasn't been officially announced, it is almost certainly Keyboard Anywhere. It was leading since voting began by more than double the votes of the Gadget in second place. Let's hope we get some news about when we can expect to download it soon!

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