Gears of War: Kinect?

Earlier this month IGN posted a rumor that several big action titles will be announced by Microsoft at next months Spike Video Game Awards. In particular, they claimed that Epic are working on a Gears of War title for Kinect. They were unable to clarify whether or not it is to be an entirely new game, or an optional part of Gears of War 3.

Cliff Bleszinski, design director at Epic Games and creator of Gears of War, soon confirmed via Twitter that there is "
No Kinect in Gears of War 3." Should the game exist, it is almost certainly an entirely new title in the franchise.

Today GameTrailers put up a video teasing a Gears of War gameplay unveiling at the VGA's that "will have everyone talking". In the video, Cliff says that the footage is not what people are expecting, indicating that it won't simply be new footage from the Gears of War 3 campaign. The teaser and video description also make no reference to Gears of War 3 specifically, merely that it is somehow related to the Gears of War franchise. Could this be a Gears of War game for Kinect? We'll have to wait and see on December 11th.

Update: Major Nelson announced on his blog that the planned Gears of War announcement at the VGA's has been delayed for an undisclosed reason. Rod Fergusson, Executive Producer of the Gears of War franchise at Epic Games, went on to clarify via Twitter that it was Microsoft's decision, not Epic's.

This is not the first time Microsoft have delayed a big announcement. Back in 2008, Bungie put up a countdown on their website leading to E3 for a Halo game announcement which later turned out to be Halo 3: ODST. The announcement was shelved by Microsoft so that it could have it's "own event". A teaser was shown online a month or so later, followed by a full unveiling at the Tokyo Game Show.

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