Microsoft readying "mind blowing" second wave of Kinect games for April?

Tech blogger Robert Scoble has claimed on Twitter that Microsoft could be readying a second wave of "mind blowing" Kinect games to be released in April. Scoble, a former employee of Microsoft having left in 2006 to become a full-time blogger, still has close ties with the company. This wouldn't be the first time he has hinted at a Microsoft product launch ahead of an official announcement.

There currently aren't any noteworthy releases scheduled for April, but many of the previously announced first party 2011 titles that have Kinect fans excited such as Project Draco, Codename D and Haunt, have no solid release date, so an April launch is feasible. There is also the rumoured Gears of War Kinect game which could be titled Gears of War: Exile, a name recently trademarked by Epic.

Peter Molyneux, Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios Europe said back in August 2010 that Kinect should not be judged on its launch, but on the second wave of titles. He told Joystiq, "To be a launch title is very, very hard. And, actually, I've played Kinect Sports. I've actually played a hell of a lot of Sports. And it's pretty good. And Kinect Adventures is pretty good. Considering the amount of time, I think they're pretty good experiences. I think anybody that gets Kinect and buys those titles, they're not gonna be disappointed. But they should really, really be excited by what comes next. 'Cause that's what I judge Kinect on".

Whenever the second wave of titles is announced, be it for April or any other time, we'll keep you up to date. It's likely that Microsoft will have something to say at GDC at the end of February.

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