Conduit Developer Making Title for Kinect

High Voltage, the developer behind The Conduit, is creating a new Kinect-enabled game for 2K Games. Details are currently sparse but we can expect an announcement "around GDC". Being Kinect-enabled, Kinect support will not be mandatory, with traditional controls an option.

"This game works well with or without the Kinect," says Eric Nofsinger, chief creative officer at High Voltage. "It's supported as a device, so if you have the device it works very well, but I don't think it's this brilliant, genius idea It works really well because it's a 360 game. I don't think it necessarily works really well because it's a Kinect game."

High Voltage are not new to motion gaming, having created the Wii first person shooter, The Conduit, and its upcoming sequel. They remain cagey about their Kinect project, which is due this year.

"It's a licensed game. That's our bread and butter as a developer" Nofsinger added. "That's how we've stayed in business for almost 18 years. We don't develop for just one hardware. We don't develop for just one genre of game. We don't develop with just one publisher. We've diversified all the way through."

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