Michael Phelps: Push The Limit Unveiled for Kinect

Olympic record breaking swimmer Michael Phelps has teamed up with 505 Games to create Push The Limit, a swimming game exclusive to Kinect. The game, due out in June, will see the player standing upright, working their arms through a variety of swimming stroke motions in order to advance to the championships.

"The better stroke technique you have, the faster you go," Phelps says. "It's extremely realistic. If you had asked me five years ago if I ever thought I would have a video game coming out with swimming in it, I'm not sure what I would have said. I would never ever have thought it would be like it is. It is cool and fun."

The game will see Phelps, whose techniques and strokes were specially captured for the game, mentor the player through the various components of swimming, leading up to the ultimate challenge -- beating Phelps himself.

Diving see's the player literally bending to touch their toes, with their speed in reaching a standing pose determining the velocity at which the character in the game dives. They then literally do a swimming motion which Phelps says is a workout in itself. To keeps things looking fresh, the game will take place in a variety of environments from skyscraper rooftops to glass pyramids and a Japanese dojo.

"We couldn't have done it on any other platform," says Pete Matisse of 505 Games. "This is a situation where we have the right guy in terms of history of the sport, we have the right technology with Kinect, and we think we have the right game-play mechanic to really deliver on that competitive swimming experience."

See the full trailer for the game below.

Source: USA Today

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