Gears of War Kinect a Sports Game?

The Gears of War Kinect rumors continue, this time courtesy of Official Xbox Magazine. In their recent March issue's crystal ball rumor section, they suggest that the game could be a COG Vs Locust Mutant League Football-esque sports game. Although at first glance this might sound bizarre given Gears of War's typical gameplay, it actually makes sense for a number of reasons.

Gears of War features a fictional sport called Thrashball which appears to be loosely based on American Football. Little is known about the actual game of Thrashball, which gives Epic the perfect opportunity to create a sport tailor made to Kinect's unique capabilities. And, being the Gears universe, we can assume that this won't be any standard sport. COG Versus Locust indicates that the game may well be as violent as a Gears fan would hope.

With the rumor earlier in the week that the game could be an on-rails shooter it could, if it exists, be anything at this point. Many remain unconvinced that Gears of War's traditional gameplay can convincingly translate to Kinect control. This latest rumor would, in our opinion, be the more advantageous and interesting route for Epic to take.

All should be revealed soon with a supposed Microsoft press event taking place in just over a week, and with GDC just after that, there is plenty of opportunity for Microsoft and Epic to unveil the game.

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