Microsoft To Reveal Undisclosed Titles At Press Event In Two Weeks?

According to Spike TV's Geoff Keighley, Microsoft is planning to unveil new titles one week before GDC. Replying to a question on Twitter Keighley writes, "I'm not aware of a big Xbox presence at GDC. They have a press event the week before for undisclosed titles".

With rumors of new games popping up almost weekly, we speculated that Microsoft would be unveiling games at GDC itself, but if Keighley is to be believed Microsoft will be having their own event during the week of Feb 21st.

Greenberg himself is said to have indicated that Microsoft will be having a "core game showcase" this month in San Fransisco, where GDC is situated. Microsoft held their X'10 event in San Francisco last February, giving press a glimpse at the year ahead. No such event has been formally announced this year, but expect news soon if it exists; Keighley's info puts in just a fortnight away!

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