Star Wars Kinect Gameplay Details Leaked?

Kotaku claim to have gameplay details for the upcoming Star Wars game for Kinect. The game, which was unveiled at E3 last year via a rendered trailer showing lightsaber duels and force power control, is said to also allow players to control a Pod Racer and play as a Rancor.

Like Kinect Joy Ride, the racing sequence will allow players to control a Pod Racer using their hands to steer. Perhaps more bizarre is the ability to control a Rancor -- pictured below -- stomping your feet to crush characters.

The details come from a survey which was forwarded to Kotaku, featuring a storyboard for a planned commercial that touched on the previously unannounced gameplay features.

What else can we expect from Star Wars Kinect? Clearly LucasArts and Microsoft have larger plans for the franchise that utilize Kinect's full capabilities rather than creating a game that only focuses on Lightsaber battles, typical of other Star Wars titles. We'll likely find out at E3 this June!

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