Microsoft Publishing 'Hole In The Wall' for Xbox Live Arcade

The German USK ratings board has revealed a new Kinect game coming to Xbox Live Arcade soon. Published by Microsoft, the much-requested Hole In The Wall will likely replicate the identically titled TV game show, often described as Human Tetris.

The player will have to twist their bodies into increasingly impossible shapes in order to get through a, you guessed it, hole in the wall. The game naturally seems like the perfect fit for Kinect, and the Kinect iteration of Carnival Games features a mini-game much like it.

It's likely that we'll find out more at E3. We know of a handful of Kinect enabled Xbox Live Arcade games now including The Gunstringer and Doodle Jump, so we expect there will be some kind of XBLA showcase. Xbox Live Arcade is the perfect place for smaller ideas and concepts like this to find their audience, and hopefully some Indie developers will have some innovative and creative software to show too, like Shuffle.


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