Lionhead Working on Unannounced Kinect Project

It should come as no surprise that Lionhead's next game will use Kinect. Peter Molyneux has championed the technology from day one, with a demonstration of Milo at E3 2009. Thanks to a resume at LinkedIn for producer Daniel Gray, we can confirm that Lionhead have been hard at work on an "unannounced Kinect title" for what appears to have been over 2 years, creating "innovative and polished gaming experiences utilizing cutting edge hardware."

Last week we wrote that Lionhead is "completely embracing" Kinect, detailing a mini project worked on for Lionhead's Creative Day. It was also announced earlier this week that Microsoft plan to triple their Kinect game portfolio by the end of the year, and that they may have at least 10 new non-sequel Kinect games to unveil at E3.

It remains unclear what Lionhead are working on. Although the Milo project appears to have been nothing more than a tech demonstration, Eurogamer later posted a rumor that the Milo tech is to be used in a Kinect Fable Game. Molyneux himself on The Engadget Show described Milo as "the tech", and that there is "absolutely a bigger game around this technology". Whether that game takes place in Fables Albion and features a kid called Milo, we'll have to wait and see.

Check out our preview of Kinect at E3 2011 for more on what to expect in just under 3 weeks time!

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