The Sims: Unleashed To Feature Kinect Voice Control

The Sims: Unleashed, an upcoming EA title which has yet to be officially revealed, was prematurely unveiled thanks to an interview with EA's Ben Bell put up by German publication Computer Bild Spiele. Despite their best attempts to quickly take the interview down, it was inevitably copied, translated and put up on Sim sites such as SimPrograms and SimsSlovenija.

The game, which won't require The Sims 3 to run, will bring controllable pets and other creatures to the series and is coming to consoles in October 2011. The most interesting part of the interview, however, is mention of Kinect compatibility.

"Xbox 360 will enable players with Kinect to use voice control,” said Bell. “Imagine how it would be when your Sim-dog would sit down, when you would say “Sit!” Voice control works with normal Sims as well. We’re really excited about this feature, because it is really fun!"

A Kinect Sims title has long been rumored since Microsoft purchased, as well as SSXKinect. Whilst it's unclear if this game directly ties back to that, it is likely that The Sims: Unleashed will be unveiled at EA's E3 conference next month. Will we see SSX Kinect too? We'll have to wait and see...

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