SSX and The Sims coming to Kinect?

Microsoft have seemingly registered the domains and Could EA be working on a new SSX title for Kinect? With SSX: Deadly Descents recently announced, the franchise is finally making its comeback, so it's a distinct possibility.

There is little else to go on, but a snowboarding title seems like the perfect fit for Kinect and SSX will give developers a bit of creative leeway given its less realistic, arcade gameplay roots.

Could it be one of the rumored April titles? Will we see it at all? I guess we'll just have to wait and see...

Update: also looks to have been bought by Microsoft. It seems unlikely that they would randomly purchase Kinect related domains for two of EA's biggest franchises. Could the pair indicate a publishing deal between Microsoft and EA for some Kinect games? Again, it's all complete speculation at this point, so we're still playing the waiting game. GDC in late February is a likely candidate should Microsoft have something to announce.

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