Child of Eden Launch Trailer, Review Round-up

One of the most anticipated Kinect games is finally releasing. Child of Eden, the spiritual successor to Tetsuya Mizuguchi's Rez, launched yesterday in the US and will be in stores this coming Friday in Europe.

The positive reviews are pouring in and it looks like the game is not only better with Kinect, but one of the best Kinect games available to date.

It is also one of the most remarkable video games I've ever played. The proud progenitors of the Kinect bolstered its capacity for total immersion during its announcement, but no software for the device has delivered on that promise until now. When you reach this level of connection with each stunning stage of Child of Eden, the walls between player and game come crumbling down. It's more than just synesthesia -- it's an indescribable feeling of involvement which no other video game has elicited from me before - Joystiq
It's rare for me to play a game and feel nothing but happiness, but that's what happened when I stepped in to save Eden. In a way, Child of Eden touched my soul. This is a game everyone should experience, especially with Kinect. - IGN

Using Kinect removes a barrier, empowering you to reach in and effect this world, like the conductor of a synaesthetic symphony. Its greatest achievement is making Kinect seem indispensable, allowing you to take centre stage and feel part of Eden's glittering landscape - The Telegraph

If this game isn't on your radar, it certainly should be now. It looks like the game is a must have for any Kinect owner. Check out the launch trailer to see why people are so drawn in by the beautiful, abstract imagery and sounds.

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