Dance Central DLC Sale & New Songs Announced for July

After the announcement of Dance Central 2, Harmonix have been kind of enough to cut the price of all of the DLC for the first game. This is particularly relevant now that we know that songs and downloads for the original Dance Central will work in the sequel, so your purchases will carry forward. With that in mind, now is the perfect time to expand your dance hit collection.

Individual songs have had a 33% discount, from 240 to 160 Microsoft Points, as well as the 4 track packs which have dropped from 960 to 640 points. You can save a whopping 50% off the megapack, which will give you 14 of the 26 available songs for 1680 Microsoft points, down from 3360.

Songs are on sale via the Xbox Live Marketplace this week only, so if you want to build up your collection ahead of the release of Dance Central 2, or just have some more fun with the original game, now is the time to do it!

In other Dance Central news, we have learned of 3 new songs coming next month. The following will be available to download in July:

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