Kinect Sports Season 2 detailed, Dance Central 2, Voice Search, Ryse and Kinect Fun Labs Unveiled

Thanks to a major leak on the Xbox website, many E3 games and announcements have been unveiled just ahead of Microsoft's conference. Kinect Sports Season 2 has been confirmed, featuring sports such as golf, tennis, baseball and Skiing. Dance Central 2 was also unveiled, as well as a cinematic Kinect game called Ryse which is almost certainly the final name for Crytek's Codename: Kingdoms.

Our speculation about Kinect Fun Labs, Kinect Me, Kinect Bobble Head et al being smaller apps has proven true. Kinect Fun Labs is a collection of Kinect "gadgets" which consists of Kinect Me, Kinect Googly Eyes, Kinect Build-A-Buddy, Kinect Sparklers and Kinect BobbleHead. Kinect Fun Labs will let you scan your face in to create a bobblehead or an avatar, as well as scan in objects and play with them on screen, or do a bit of graffiti on your photos.

Lastly, we have a mention of Xbox Live Voice search, which will hopefully allow much quicker access to Xbox Live content.

Naturally we'll have a lot more details about all of this after the conference itself, as well as much more news. Check back for all the latest, including some exclusive content and interviews directly from the show itself!

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