Kinect Star Wars Revealed With New Trailer

Ahead of tomorrows E3 press conference, Entertainment Weekly have unveiled Kinect Star Wars, the final name for the game, with a new trailer and gameplay details. Spanning a vast variety of locations from the two trilogies, the game will incorporate numerous game modes, including "Jedi Destiny" which will be the mode primarily showcased at E3.

Using your hands you can control various force powers and, of course, wield a lightsaber. The previous leak has also proven correct -- players can control pod-racers and Rancors, as well as X-Wing fighters, offering a large variety of gameplay. The gameplay isn't quite one-to-one, with in-game animations tweaked to compliment your real life Jedi skills.

"What we found early in development is that [no one wants] to look like 'Star Wars kid' in front of [their] friends," says Craig Derrick, LucasArts' lead producer on the project.

"If I am doing these actions, and if I am seeing the character on screen repeating those actions, I want to look bad-ass. We decided to augment the animation, so when I sweep my hand right to left with my lightsaber, it’s going to look cool.  That was a major challenge and it works."

"From very early on in our development of Kinect, we realized Star Wars was an ideal game for us," says Kudo Tsunoda, creative director for Microsoft Studios. "It’s one of those things where you can see how the unique parts of Kinect can bring to life the fantasy of being a Jedi in a way no other game console or media can do."

Voice control is also included, though Microsoft and LucasArts are keeping quite about how right now. Check back tomorrow when we'll have more news and media on the game directly from the conference, as well as all of the other exciting announcements!

Check out the trailer below!

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