New Xbox Experience Features Bing Search, YouTube, Live TV and New Dashboard Interface

Xbox Live's Marc Whitten announced at E3 today that the Xbox 360 will once again be getting a new Xbox experience. Using a similar Metro design to Windows Phone 7 and their upcoming Windows 8 operating system, the interface will take advantage of Kinects voice abilities, allowing users to instantly search for a game, movie, song or any other keyword using Bing. "Bing X-Men", for example, gave a list of every X-Men game and movie.

They also announced that they're going to increase their partnerships by a factor of 10, increasing the available catalogue of content from hundreds of thousands to millions. YouTube was one example of a new partner, allowing users to search through video content using voice.

They finally announced that Microsoft will be bringing live TV with the new interface. Xbox is partnering with TV providers around the world, including UFC, with interactivity between friends and other viewers.

The new Xbox experience will launch this Autumn.

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