Rumor: Kinect Disneyland to be Revealed at E3 Update: Confirmed Disneyland Adventures

Last year at Kinect's E3 reveal, a brief teasing of a Kinect Disney game was mixed in amongst the montage of other Kinect titles. Although very little was revealed about the game, it was allegedly a collaborative project between Disney Interactive and Microsoft Games Studio. 

The project was since thought to be dead, but Twitter legend Superannuation has once again prematurely revealed the games existence thanks to, like yesterdays rumoured reveals, domain registrations. 

We haven't got much to speculate what kind of game it might be, nor what it is even called as Disney and Microsoft seem to be covering all bases but thus far Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Kinect Disneyland, Kinect Disneyworld, Kinect Magic Kingdom, and Disneyland Kinect have been discovered. Superannuation is also insisting that this game will be an E3 announcement, which seems very likely if it exists. 

Check back tomorrow and we'll have all of the scoop from the conference!

Update: The game has been confirmed to be Disneyland Adventures, probably Good Science Studios Disney themed sequel to their Kinect pack-in title Kinect Adventures. The game looks to allow the player to wander freely around Disneyland, entering attractions which start a unique Disney-themed mini game. Gameplay footage can be found here!

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