Gore Verbinski's Blind Wink Games Working on Kinect Title

Hollywood movie director Gore Verbinski, famous for the first 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies and most recently the animated film Rango, started a gaming division of his BlindWink production company a few of years ago. Unfortunately as of yet none of their 5 projects have bared fruit, but we now know that they're still working on at least one project and it will more than likely feature Kinect!

Jeal Choi, once Creative Director at the company, was recently promoted to Director of Creative Development, dealing primarily with game development. And thanks to Twitter superhero Superannuation, we know that they're hiring. And they're hiring for someone with Kinect experience.

Blind Wink Games are looking for a game designer to work on a Sci-Fi/Puzzle prototype for what appears to be Xbox Live Arcade, using Kinect and Unreal Engine 3. The job description gives nothing away, but we can gather that the game probably won't be entirely conventional or traditional.
Are you a game design machine? A seething cauldron of ingenuity? Do you deconstruct the UI design of your car's dashboard? Do you get level design ideas from every building you walk into? Could you create a game concept where the player is a pumpkin? Do you dream in polygons? Are you tired of orcs and space marines and seven franchises of indistinguishable military shooters? Do you enjoy other people's ideas as much as your own? Are you willing to fight the good fight but also know when to lay down and survive to fight another day? Are you frustrated by having your best work watered down by marketing nerds? Do you like free lunch?
Right now we can't even speculate what the project might be, and we will likely have to wait a while to find out. Got any ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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