Kinect Star Wars Limited Edition Console Bundle Announced -- Podracing Gameplay Detailed

During todays Kinect Star Wars panel at Comic-Con, Lucas Arts and Microsoft announced and unveiled a new limited edition Xbox 360 and Kinect bundle with a design inspired by Star Wars duo C-3PO and R2-D2. The blue and white Xbox 360 console will come with a matching first of its kind white Kinect, as well as a C-3PO inspired wireless controller. The whole bundle includes:
  • Custom R2-D2-themed Xbox 360 Console with custom sounds (Hear them - Power on and Tray eject)
  • White Kinect Sensor
  • Custom C-3PO-themed Xbox 360 Wireless Controller
  • Kinect Star Wars game
  • 320 GB Hard Drive
  • Xbox 360 Wired Headset
  • Kinect Adventures game
  • Exclusive downloadable content
As well as showing off some more of the Lightsaber and Force filled Jedi mode from E3, Microsoft showed off the new Podracing mode which allows fans a chance to compete alongside the surviving racers of the Boonta Eve in recognizable pods and other unlockable vehicles native to the Star Wars universe.

The bundle and game are currently scheduled to launch this Christmas, with the bundle retailing in the US for $449.99.

Update: We have confirmation that the bundle will also be available in Europe. Still no price, however.

Check out a video preview below:

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