Lemmings Meets Twister -- New Leedmees Info Arises

The debut trailer for Konami's upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title, Leedmees, got a bit buried under a ton of bigger announcements at E3 last month. It's unfortunate, because the charming little game looks like it could be one to keep an eye on, making unique and clever use of Kinect's full body control.

As we gathered from the trailer, the core concept isn't too unlike the classic game Lemmings. Little characters spawn at point A, and the player has to clear or build the path to point B. With Kinect the path, essentially, is you. The little men will walk up your leg, and bounce from arm to arm. You'll have to push up doors, and scoop up balls to ease their journey to the swirly red exit.

The Telegraph have put up a new preview of the game, detailing single and co-op gameplay. With two players, the levels become more complex and more than a bit reminiscent of Twister. One player might have to hold his leg, which the characters are now spawning on, up in the air to avoid squashing the little people whilst the other forms a bridge with their arms. With Kinect constantly tracking your body, clearly co-ordination and teamwork is key. Unfortunately cooperative gameplay looks to be local only right now, with a leaderboard being the only online option.

Leedmees will be launching later this summer with 50 single player and 12 co-op levels; quite a nice package for a downloadable title. We can't wait to check it out, and if you missed the debut trailer, here it is below!

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