More Exclusive Sega Games Coming to Kinect

Having had some success with Sonic Free Riders at Kinect's launch, Sega are continuing to support the peripheral with the upcoming Rise of Nightmares, Kinect's first 18-rated game. But support doesn't end there.

Talking to CVG, Sega's US and European boss Mike Hayes says that Sega are continuing to work with Microsoft on new exclusive Kinect titles.

"Rise of Nightmares is a mature game and a lot of the games on Kinect have been family party orientated," says Hayes.

"It's ironic that Sega, probably better known for its family titles, is taking something mature onto it. There's a lot of Kinect functionality planned for our games going forward - and hopefully a few more exclusives that we're working with Microsoft on."

"Building specifically for Kinect makes a lot of sense provided we've got the right idea. So yes, we're fully supportive of it and you can't ignore the install base and how well they've been driving that."

Sega's next Kinect game, Rise of Nightmares, will be hitting stores September 30th.

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