Hole In the Wall Hitting Xbox Live Arcade Next Week, Leedmees Next Month!

Microsoft recently stated that they're aiming to provide approximately one Xbox Live Arcade Kinect title per month. Starting strong earlier this month with Fruit Ninja Kinect, next up we have Hole in the Wall which will be available this time next week on August 24th.

Based on the hit TV show the concept is one that seems popular with Kinect fans and developers, with variations on the concept in Carnival Games, Wipeout In The Zone and the upcoming Raving Rabbids game. Players simple move their body to try and fit it through peculiarly shaped holes in a wall. If your body doesn't squeeze through the hole, the wall hits you into the water.

Next month sees the release of the Leedmees from Konami. Leedmees makes use of one or two players' full body movements to create a path and lead the Leedmees, mysterious small creatures, from their spawn point to the goal. Think Lemmings meets Twister.

Leedmees will be available September 7th, so mark that in your diaries and check back for more info soon!

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