New Footage of Kinect Shooter Blackwater, Out Next Month

Kinect shooter Blackwater is launching this October, and USA Today have posted a fresh glimpse of the game. Developed by Zombie Studios, who certainly aren't new to creating realistic combat simulations, Blackwater sees the player in control of a Blackwater mercenary shooting their way through a variety of battle scenarios.

Don't expect the gameplay to be quite as controversial as the Blackwater company itself though -- gore and violence has been toned down to appeal to the teen market, so no blowing an enemies face off or shooting up civilians as you might expect from a game dealing with warfare of the modern variety. Shooting is the core of the game though, with a focus on full control of the players' combat position, forced to duck and weave in and out of cover to get the perfect shot and protect yourself from incoming bullets. This certainly isn't a game for couch soldiers.

Check out the video below for a more detailed look at gameplay!

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