Kinect Fun Labs to have Monthly Updates, Bigger Developers

Talking to Digital Spy, Good Science Studio head Shannon Loftis has revealed that Kinect Fun Labs will feature new gadgets every month, and that Microsoft are currently talking to bigger studios interested in creating new content.

"We're adding new gadgets every single month," she said. "It's a curated destination, rather than a free-for-all App Store sort of thing. We want to make sure that every gadget really focuses on a new capability for Kinect, and it's fun to play, and it gives people the chance to express themselves creatively."

The strength of Kinect Fun Labs is its ability to allow developers to test the waters, or to push out smaller creative ideas that don't require a full game, and the Kinect hacking scene shows how huge the scope and audience is for bite-size Kinect experiences.

"The thing about gadget development that's kind of exciting, and we're starting to talk to some of the bigger development houses about gadget development as well, is that it's a way to take a prototype and get it into the hands of consumers," Loftis said.

"Maybe a prototype that for whatever reason you didn't want to push it all the way forward into a full-blown game, but it represents a new mechanic, which represents a new tool in the Kinect tool kit."

Microsoft also recently stated that they're aiming to have approximately one new Kinect Xbox Live Arcade game a month. Relentless Software, developers of hit quiz series Buzz!, recently released Air Band via Kinect Fun Labs. It looks like it'll be the first of many third party gadgets to hit the marketplace!

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