Konami Announce Boom Boom Dance for Kinect

Another week, another dancing game. This time from Konami, who are brining us a different take on the genre. Boom Boom Dance sees players hit rippling circles in rhythm similar to the Nintendo DS game Elite Beat Agents.

Unlike the teams previous Kinect dancing game, DanceMasters, Boom Boom Dance won't feature any choreography. You can hit the circles in any way you want, though naturally you'll have to stay in rhythm if you want to go for big points.

The games constantly-changing art style certainly makes an impact, allowing players to step into the shoes of an astronaut, a robot and more in a variety of environments, and it promises to feature collaborations with renowned artists, thought none have been revealed so far.

Although no release date has been announced yet, it'll be available via Xbox Live Arcade like other Japanese Kinect titles such as Project Draco and Haunt. Check out the debut trailer below!

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