Project Draco Revealed - Screens and Gameplay Details

Announced at last years Tokyo Game Show, Project Draco is from much of the team behind the cult classic Panzer Dragoon series. And from the brief concept trailer we were shown last year, it was clear that Draco would be a spiritual successor to Dragoon of some kind, largely dealing with dragon combat.

This year the game has been fully demonstrated to the press. Although there has been no gameplay video released officially so far, the screenshots looks very promising and 1UP has posted a hands-on preview.

As expected, Project Draco looks to be largely Panzer Dragoon Kinect, with elements of a virtual pet game. Players mount their dragon and lock on to enemies with their right hand, much like Child of Eden. The left hand does more powerful attacks and the game is promised to feature a lot of variety in combat via upgrades and different dragons. Movement is controlled by leaning left and right, pulling back and leaning forward, much as it would be if you were actually sat upon a dragons back.

After missions, you can feed your dragon food that you have earned, giving you an opportunity to upgrade and customise your dragon, as well as build a bit of a virtual bond with the creature. You can then take your dragon online and play alongside friends' dragons via 3-player online co-op.

Project Draco won't be available until next year via Xbox Live Arcade, but the production values are clearly fantastic for a downloadable game, and it should look even better in motion. Let's hope we'll get to see it soon!

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