Double Fine Working on Second Kinect Game?

Double Fine held an event earlier this week which promised to provide multiple exciting announcement involving a total of 6 products. The first of these announcements was that their Live Arcade and PSN game Costume Quest is finally going to be available on the PC. Unfortunately the rest of the announcements are under embargo and are likely to be revealed next week.

One of the attendees did however mention in a tweet that a Kinect game was at the event. Double Fine have of course just released Sesame Street: Once Upon A Monster, but would it make much sense to take a game already released that the press have had in their hands for some time to an event specifically dealing with new announcements?

Double Fine are expected to announce a game with legendary game designer Ron Gilbert -- responsible for classic adventure titles such as Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island as well as the recent Action-RPG Death Spank -- as one of multiple smaller games Double Fine are producing. Could this be a Kinect title?

With multiple projects in the works, a solid relationship with Microsoft and a good grasp of the Kinect technology, we can't say we'd be surprised to hear that Double Fine are working on a new Live Arcade title with Kinect support. We'll let you know if such a project is announced over the coming week.

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