Halo Anniversary Kinect Library Mode and Voice Commands Detailed UPDATE: Video!

It was announced shortly after Halo Anniversary's unveiling that the game will feature some sort of Kinect control, albeit something that doesn't impact on the core gameplay. A glimpse of what that might be was later revealed at TGS when the franchise director Frankie O'Conner let slip that switching from classic to anniversary mode can be achieved via a voice command. Now thanks to a Halo panel at New York Comic Con we have some more details about how Kinect will work with the game.

Voice commands seem to be a more robust option than previously thought. As well as switching graphical modes, players can shout "Reload Weapon" to reload and "Grenade!" to, you guessed it, throw a grenade.

Perhaps more interesting is the Library feature. Players can approach items, characters and enemies in the environment and say "Analyse" which will capture a 3D model of the item as well as descriptive details for an encyclopedia that the player can look through.

A video showcasing the details should be available soon, with a more robust look at the new features hitting Halo Waypoint this Monday.

Source: Joystiq

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