Raving Rabbids, Grease Dance and Leela Demo's Now Available

Released in a couple of days, you can get a taste for Ubisoft's new Raving Rabbids title Alive and Kicking now. Featuring a group of mini games with a focus on augmented reality, you can try it out on your Xbox 360 via the marketplace, or by queuing the download online here.

If Dance Central 2 isn't quite quenching your thirst for some rock and roll jiving, you can now try out Grease Dance featuring songs from the movie and era that you can dance and sing along to. Queue the download online here, or check it out on your 360 via the marketplace.

And finally if you want to get a better sense of what exactly Deepak Chopra's Leela is, you can try it out for yourself. Engage your chakras, develop a flow state and express your essence on the Xbox Live Marketplace or, once again, queue the download online here.

As is the case with all Xbox 360 demo's, the downloads are exclusive to Gold subscribers only for the first week. Everyone else will have to wait until next week to try them out!

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